About Amnis Group

The word “Amnis” comes from the latin word for stream, connecting us to all modes of transport: water, air (slipstream) and to the road (stream of vehicles). Thus, it also reminds us of one of our key values: we believe in being agile to provide customer-focused solutions. The customer always comes first for us. We see ourselves as your partner with many years of experience to solve challenges together. With us you will find the right contact person for your concerns – uncomplicated and fast.

Our company is much more than the sum of all our knowledge and skills. It is our culture, our actions and our origins that hold the Amnis Group together and give us our identity. 

Why We Are Unique

The Amnis Group offers a variety of highly qualified services and solutions for freight forwarders or the wider business community. From repackaging and certification, to consultancy and UN approved packaging, our services provide a convenient one-stop-shop for all. The Amnis Group continues to provide solutions for schools, universitites, government agencies, through to small businesses and individuals shipping their dangerous goods to a friend or relative. We offer a large selection of products at the most affordable prices. 


Our Values

As a family-owned business, the Amnis Group combines many years of international experience, customer understanding and teamwork. Our history, the knowledge we have accumulated and the know-how we have gained can be summerised into five main values.

Our Shared Values
Customer-focused Solutions

Understanding requirements, providing solutions, shaping the future.

Our Shared Values
Employee Orientation

Being respectful, valuing competence, promoting development.

Our Shared Values
Entrepreneurial Spirit

Developing ideas, taking responsibility, ensuring success.

Our Shared Values

Living values, keeping promises, providing security.

Our Shared Values

Acting for the long term, connecting generations, remaining independant.

Trusted Partners

Bio-Bottle was established in 1994 due to an inquiry for a custom, cost-effective, infectious substance packaging solution. From humble beginnings in Auckland, New Zealand to supplying infectious substance packaging around the world, Bio-Bottle values have always been centred around customer-focused solutions.

Bio-Bottle can supply a range of ambient, frozen and cold chain packaging solutions for UN2184 Category A and UN3373 Category B infectious substances, pharmaceutical products and other specialist diagnostic consignments.

Your partner for all packaging and transportation of infectious, hazardous substances, diagnostic specimens, and biological samples either across town or around the world.


Repackaging Amnis Group

Amnis Groups trusted partner for any Dangerous goods consignments transported within or out of New Zealand.

Dangerous Goods Management Ltd (DGM) was established in 1994. For nearly 30 years they have been providing the highest level of service and support to the logistics community regarding transportation of dangerous goods. The DGM team have continued to expand across New Zealand with staff in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

As a provider of dangerous goods services to a wide range of clients, DGM see themselves as a value-added partner for their customers. DGM offer a range of services and optimise these with tailor made solutions for dangerous goods certification, dangerous goods courier support and dangerous goods packaging.

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